• Natural rubber profile in physical and chemical characteristics and formula design

    Natural rubber has many valuable property, before a spate of synthetic rubber, natural rubber is universal raw material of rubber industry and its products, a "gold" brown said. Simply speaking, natural rubber is actually concentrated natural latex coagulation and form, among them, the

  • Rubber with softening plasticizer (all)

    The rubber molecules play a lubricant role, and can promote the relaxation phenomenon of polymers, so that the rubber processing chemicals called softener. Softener, also known as plasticizer, operating oil, capacity of oil.

  • 38 questions about rubber mixing process?

    Rubber plastication aims to make the rubber in the mechanical, thermal, chemical action such as incised short macromolecular chain, make rubber temporarily lose their elasticity and plasticity increases, to meet the technological requirements in the process of manufacturing.

  • Top Ten News of China Rubber Industry in 2019

    2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Over the past 70 years, China rubber industry adhere to technological progress and innovation and development, has made dramatic changes, build a complete industrial system in the planned economy period, after the reform and opening up technological progress, product updates and extraordinary development, grow up to be the world's rubber industrial powers.